Wednesday, January 13

7 - Denmark - Technical Chain Reaction

Vibeholmskolen, Ishøj, Denmark

The ScienceCafe at Vibeholmskolen proudly present our chain reaction.
It has been a real fun experience and we hope you all enjoy watching it!
It was done by students from 5 and 6 grade attending the ScienceCafe.
EDIT: I've embedded the same video twice on two different hosting platforms because youtube sometimes dont want to play the video.. ?


  1. Hi Danny and your team of scientists,

    The children in my class were intriged by the UFO and the Danish ET!

    There are quit some nice actions in this chain and the fireworks are spectacular!

    So, really well done!

    Dave from Belgium

  2. Adrian from Norway18 January 2016 at 14:52

    I liked The robot very much, good chain reaction!

  3. damian from belgium18 January 2016 at 16:46

    hello i find your video very well, good chain reaction.

  4. Rebekka from Norway20 January 2016 at 10:49

    I liked your chain reaction,good job!

  5. This is our favorite, children love to watch this one all the time. Good luck! From Estonia