Tuesday, February 2

Voting Table

Now that the results of the ECR 2016 are known - and huge congratulations to the team from Belgium once again - you might be interested in having a look at the voting table below, which has collated scores from all the countries. See who gave you how many points! Click on the table to see a larger version...

Monday, February 1

ECR 2016 Results Newsflash!

Please click on the link to see the results for the ECR 2016 :-) As well as the results, there then follows a fantastic compilation of all the chain reactions from each of the 32 participating countries!
ECR 2016 newsflash-SD from Qworzó on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 30

The ECR-newflash has been recorded! Watch out for this video on Monday!

Hi all you young Einsteins and Einstein-fans,

We wanted to let you know that the ECR-2016 votes have been counted and the ECR-newsflash is recorded last Friday as was planned!

So, on Monday we can publish the ECR-2016-newsflash in which we will announce the final ranking of this years competition!

This newsflash will be published on the blog at Monday February 1st at 11:00 Brussels time, so all of you get to know their position in the final ranking at the same time! We will show you the European Chain Reaction 2016 then too (the BIG CHAIN OF CHAINS)! We hope all of you will be pleased with the outcome!

On Tuesday we will upload an overview in a votes-table, so all of you can see how many points you received from which countries. (We won’t publish this on Monday to hold the excitement. Now all of you are obliged to watch the newsflash if you want to know your place in the ranking :-) !) 

"Science-terrific regards",

Michael and Dave

Sunday, January 17

The map of Europe with the links to the videos!

I just made a map with Thinglink with all of the videos! Just click on the red circles.

Let me know if I got any of them wrong, I'll change it! For some reason I couldn't link Luxemburg's video. It doesn't open in Youtube.

This is a nice way to show the kids, where each video was made! Good luck with the voting, everyone!

32 - Serbia - Technical Chain Reaction

31 - Portugal - Technical Chain Reaction

We hope you like our chain .Chain was made by4th grade - Class 3G. We hope you will enjoy watching!!! :-)

Portugal_Chain_Reaction2016 from Jose Soares on Vimeo.

Portugal Chain Reaction 2016

30 - Georgia - Technical Chain Reaction

Saturday, January 16

29 - Luxembourg - Technical Chain Reaction

Luxembourg Chain Reaction 2016

It was our first try, there is room for improvement for sure, but we definitely loved the project. It was great to participate with countries from all over Europe!
Update, new version of the video. This should be better quality and work everywhere. Thanks for your patience!

Friday, January 15

28 - Latvia - Technical Chain Reaction

Hello friends!

Here is our ECR 2016!

27 - Croatia - Technical Chain Reaction

We hope you like our chain .Chain was made by 6th and 8th grade.
Chain and the film was made ​​by students individually. Despite the problems there was a lot of fun.

Link to video on youtube:

26 - Finland - Technical Chain Reaction

Finally, here it is! The technical chain reaction from Finland, made by the 5th and 6th graders! We hope you will enjoy watching our adventures with the robot!

25 - France - Technical Chain Reaction

After the COP 21, this is the french reaction ...

24 - Italy - Technical Chain Reaction


23 - Ireland - Technical Chain Reaction

Here is the chain reaction video which was made by 5th & 6th class in St. Brendan's N.S., Kilkenny , Ireland.We enjoyed making the video and we hope you enjoy it too.

Chain Reaction Ireland from St. Brendan's on Vimeo.

22 - Iceland - Technical Chain Reaction

We are proud to present our chain this year. The fourth graders took effort to make the chain this time. Hope you enjoy it? 

21 - Hungary - Technical Chain Reaction


We proudly present our technical chain reaction. It was a great experience to build it, try it several times until we could film a successful reaction. I hope you all will enjoy it.

20 - Sweden - Technical Chain Reaction

This year was a real challenge, with different materials and hard times to build the chains for our 6year olds. There has been a lot of trial and error. The pupils have enjoyed playing with it and they are looking forward to see all cool videos from european partners.
Viva Europe!

19 - Spain/Catalonia - Technical Chain Reaction

Casa Nostra Primary School in Banyoles is very proud to present the CASANOSTRAMATIC a machine to wake sleeping pupils.


18 - Germany - Technical Chain Reaction

Technical Chain Reaction 2016- Rasselbande from Marko Hänel on Vimeo.

Hello everybody,

this year, we created an indoor-reaction because of the rainy weather. We hope, you enjoy it.
Good luck for the votings to all of you.

17 - Slovenia - Technical Chain Reaction

Slovenia - OŠ Preska, Medvode - ECR 2016

Here is our chain for this year we hope you will enjoy watching it, we certainly enjoyed the time we worked on it.

Greeting from Medvode, Slovenia ECR 2016 team with teacher Romana.

16 - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Technical Chain Reaction

Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Technical Chain reaction as the filming and preparation of the video for the blog was made completely by the pupils of our school.  Best regards from pupils of Primary School Zepce and teachers Dario Loncar and Ivan Derek.

Thursday, January 14

15 - Israel - Technical Chain Reaction

The Burnt Matches
The project which thrilled us all
We wish you happiness and joy
as we were having while making the chain

Osishkin School

14 - Estonia - Technical Chain Reaction


Hope You enjoy The Wisdom Tree :D

13 - The Netherlands - Technical Chain Reaction

The pupils of year 8 from school Kastanjelaan had a lot of fun building and filming this chainreaction. They did it on their own and are very proud of their work

12 - Ukraine - Technical Chain Reaction

The pupils from Bila Tserkva Gymnasium № 1 have built their technical chain reaction.

11 - Armenia - Technical Chain Reaction

Technical chain reaction "A Peace of Art", Armenia

The idea, preparation, shooting and editing of the film were made only by students.

10 - Austria - Technical Chain Reaction

The public elementary school Wildbach with Jenaplan profile is an all-day school with different focal points in the afternoon care and is based on the Jenaplan . The educational concept at our school is based on a close cooperation between schools and parents . Our children should be able to develop into self-determined people in the greatest possible freedom . Our mission statement outlines this basic attitude . Lots of fun watching our performance!

9 - Norway - Technical Chain Reaction

The 33 students in the 7th grade at Kringsjå skole, Kristiansand, Norway proudly present their technical chain reaction. This year we focus on the sad fact that Norway is one of very few countries in Europe that not serve their students a hot meal during the school day.
It's been a lot of work, a lot of chains that didn't work, a lot of adjustments - but also a lot of collaboration and creativity  - and a lot of fun! Here it is!

Wednesday, January 13

8 - Bulgaria - Technical Chain Reaction

The Bulgarian small technical chain reaction :) is coming :)

Many thanks- it was big fun :)
2a and 2v class, Velizar Kitov, Boyana Filipova and Natasha Dzhurkova sent to all of you  worm greetings :)
The Bulgarian team

7 - Denmark - Technical Chain Reaction

Vibeholmskolen, Ishøj, Denmark

The ScienceCafe at Vibeholmskolen proudly present our chain reaction.
It has been a real fun experience and we hope you all enjoy watching it!
It was done by students from 5 and 6 grade attending the ScienceCafe.
EDIT: I've embedded the same video twice on two different hosting platforms because youtube sometimes dont want to play the video.. ?

6 - Lituania - Technical Chain Rection

Technical Chain Rection_Lithuania from aurelija on Vimeo.

5 - Belgium - Technical Chain Reaction

Hi to all you scientists,

Belgium proudly presents its technical chain reaction 2016!

In the last couple of weeks 43 young Einsteins have been working very hard to create this chain and we hope you like it!

If you only have half as much fun watching this chain reaction as we had while building it, then it will surely be a lot of fun for you to watch!

We look forward to watching all your chains appear to the blog! We want to wish you the best of luck with the voting in a couple of weeks and we look forward to reading your comments!

We would like it very much if you would share our video on the internet!

Kind regards,

The children in year 6 at Qworzó, Merksplas, Belgium

Click on HD to watch our video in HD!

Tuesday, January 12

4 - Scotland - Technical Chain Reaction

The youngsters of Primary 3 and 4 at Yester Primary worked hard to build their chain reaction, which we hope you all enjoy! We are very young, but we loved taking part. Good luck to all countries.

3 - Czech republic - Technical Chain Reaction