Friday, January 15

27 - Croatia - Technical Chain Reaction

We hope you like our chain .Chain was made by 6th and 8th grade.
Chain and the film was made ​​by students individually. Despite the problems there was a lot of fun.

Link to video on youtube:


  1. it is very hard to work on the technical chain
    and the kids must stay calm to go on and built it
    over and over again
    so we are appriciate and honor you to have
    it done with all the nice ideas in it
    Good Luck
    Meirav, Israel

  2. Hi Croatia,

    What a nice chain you created!

    Good luck on the voting!

    Dave from Belgium

  3. A fine entry- well done!

    I did enjoy the use of the helicopter rotors to topple the dominoes!

    Good luck from Scotland!


  4. Perfect the chain reaction!
    Excellent work.
    Jarka from Czech Republic

  5. It is good chain reaction,but it is a pity that they helped with hands.